If you have been needing to pull your credit report but do not want to have to deal with a loan office or banking institution, you may be surprised to know that there are many resources you can find that will provide you a totally free credit report. It is important to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones so that you are not tricked into a credit monitoring program that ends up not delivering an accurate report.

A free credit report can actually be obtained online and as the name implies, you do not have to pay for it. This simple fact alone is pretty unique. Because most of the time if you were to go into your local bank or lending institution and site down with your loan officer they will charge you a few dollars to pull your FICO score.

Now most of the the time it is not very expensive, it can range from about eight to twelve dollars per credit score that you pull. But the main problem is that it will deduct points from your credit report for every time that you have one of these people pull it for you.

You see, each time that you have it pulled when your are at a lender’s office it will cost you and it will also deduct points to get your credit diagnosis because these credit pulls are called hard pulls. A hard pull is very different from a soft pull. A hard pull may still use the same credit bureaus such as experian, equifax and trans union, but it is counted for when you are inquiring to get a loan or when it is done by anyone else besides yourself.

A totally free credit report can only be accomplished when it is done by yourself and not at a bank or mortgage office. Fortunately you can do this with a cup of coffee in your hand from the comfort of your own home.

Among the many sites that offer reports, it is important that you pick the one that will pull from all three credit bureaus instead of just an equifax free credit report.

The site offered here on this website will allow you to pull your credit report at no cost but will charge you for monthly credit monitoring. This however, is a good thing. If you are serious about maintaining an excellent FICO score then you should definitely monitor your credit profile on a regular basis.

However, if you only want to check your report one time just for a glance at where you stand then pull your totally free credit report through the resources here and cancel immediately so that you will no longer be charged. That way you can print off your FICO scores and be on your way without deducting points from your scores or paying any money.