Hi there, I am Alex,

Being involved in finances most of my life I have seen many people to so many mistakes with their credit that could have been easily avoided. Most of the time all they would have needed to do would be some small adjustments or strategies and they could have had excellent standings on the credit score scale.  But instead they end up with a measly score and they can’t get anyone to lend them money.

I have decided to make credit-score-scale.org to let people know how to get a their 3 credit scores to look nice and strong so that they don’t need to cringe when lenders want to pull their FICO scores.

Throughout this resource you will find great ways to improve your credit profile as well as ways to get a free credit report so you do not have to meet with a loan officer every time you want to very your credit history.

I hope you find this useful and wish you the best with your financial pursuits!